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All gloves are manufactured under Quality System and conform to International Glove Quality Standards as CE CAT 1, EN420 , EN388 EN374, EN388.

ISO 9001-        Quality Working gloves  CE Category I Certified
Simple Design- for minimal risks only. Suitable only for low risk applications where hazards can be identified by the wearer in time to deal with them.

ISO 9001-        Quality Working gloves  EN420:2003 Certified
This standard defines the general requirements and relevant test procedures for all protective gloves in the following areas: •glove design and construction •resistance of gloves materials to water penetration •innocuousness •comfort and efficiency •marking and information supplied by the manufacturer

ISO 9001-        Quality Working gloves  EN388 Mechanical Hazard Certified Protection

ISO 9001-        Quality Working gloves  EN374 Certified Protective gloves against chemicals and micro-organisms



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