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About Us

H.M. Leather Products Co. is a house of quality products, Established in 1983, is the pioneer in manufacturing quality industrial safety products with quality leather & cotton tailored according to customer need.

Our products are being used in European & Scandinavian industries for the last 3 decades, which proves the commitment to quality & trust,
Due to our good quality, competitive prices & new style, we have received very good response from Far Eastern Countries and Australia.

We believe in close relation with customers to serve them efficiently. Consistent growth overtime exhibits confidence of buyers on us.

We are specialized in tailoring leather gloves with new design & specification, which follow all safety standards to provide safety to workers, and cotton gloves are stitched with finest cotton.

Production:- 3000 Pairs per day
Annual Turnover: - Rs. 50 Million
Quality Certification: - CE (Community of Europe) certification.

H.M. Gloves is focusing on a niche market, which needs new style and design for their customers in Europe & Far East, H.M. Gloves is a MAKE TO ORDER Company which procures Leather for every order that it commits and handles manufacturing, logistics and time management to make sure the on-time delivery.
The Key to produce good quality leather gloves is procurement of the leather followed by cutting and stitching of the product. H.M. Gloves solely focuses on procurements, Cutting, Stitching of the product which is finally inspected by a team of quality control people.

Our Foreign Representative:-
Mr. Mushtaq Hussain Jiwani.
Toronto, Canada.
Tel:- 0016473455464.

Mr. Muhammad Kazim.
Sydney, Australia.

Tel:- 0061425812123


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